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7 Apr

FPW2: Day 2 and the buzz is back!

It’s midnight and I haven’t the energy to write out details of tonight but all I’ll say before signing off is that the BUZZ was BACK in fashion tonight. What a strong opening statement by Shehla Chatoor; her serpentile gold chains were pure temptation. Nida Azwer showed a collection much stronger than what she showed in Lahore two months ago; a throwback to ancient civilizations, this one had interesting motifs and imagery. Two designers who showcased very disappointing collections at FPW1 – Sanam Chaudhry and Abdul Samad – evolved much, much more stronger this time. Their enthusiasm to fight it out was appreciable. And Shamaeel’s finale was magnificent. Paying homage to rich Pakistani heritage the collection, embellished with imagery from Mughal miniatures, was nothing short of a collector’s item. Shamaeel’s customized miniature jewelry was just as delightful! Westernwear is available all over the world, it’s that bit of Pakistan that one looks for at a Pakistani fashion week. Shamaeel nailed it beautifully. Pakistan Zindabad!

Watch this space for a blow by blow account tomorrow…

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