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2 Apr

Let’s fuss about FPW now!

FPW Spring Summer 2013 is scheduled to take place next week. The original 3-day event has been reduced to 2-days but if we felt momentary relief that these two days would be crisper, better edited then that appears NOT to be the case. Fashion Pakistan council has packed the two days with 10-11 designers each. Here’s a glance:

Ayesha Hasan at FPW Winter 2012: remember the Pak-USA dosti opening?

Ayesha Hasan at FPW Winter 2012: remember the Pak-USA dosti opening?

Day One offers the House of Maheen, which indicates a mix of her luxury line and Gulabo.  Then we have menswear designers DnF and Emran Rajput, who are a toss between passable or terrible. Orient, Gul Ahmad and Jafferjees will be showing lawn, ready to wear and accessories. Amir Baig, Mona Imran, Ayesha Hassan and Faiza Rafiq are names that do not inspire recognition (or inspiration), though I’m told Baig and Hassan did show last time. Baani D, also showing on Day 1 has been impressive and the two promising debutants are Zari Faisal and Amna Aqeel (promising because one has seen them dress and they have personal style).

Day Two will feature Shamaeel, Sana Safinaz, Sania Maskatiya and Deepak Perwani as the leading designers of the day. We know, of course, that Sania and Sana Safinaz will be also be showing different collections in Lahore later this month. Menswear designers Arsalaan Yahseer and Nauman Afreen, again, can swing either way for good or bad. Kayseria appears to be the only lawn brand of the day but then we have Ayesha Ibrahim, Obaid Sheikh, Ishtiaq Afzal, Ahsan Nazir and Hasina Khanani. I’m all for giving newcomers and debutants a fair chance to prove themselves, because I’m sure the council has given them slots on creative and not financial merit. But I’m not willing to be as generous with names that have shown before and have left us unimpressed. Finally, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that Honey Waqar has decided not to come back. The bad news is that Hajra Hayat has.


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