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23 Mar

Faysal Qureshi: why he thinks Muqaddar is a love story, his take on harassment and his film’s fate


Faysal Qureshi is an actor who needs no introduction. He has worked for almost three decades in the industry and has played a range of diverse characters, but audience can’t seem to get enough of him. Certainly because he is one of the finest at his craft. He can be currently seen in Geo Entertainment’s Muqaddar as the influential landlord Sardar Saif ur Rehman. The actor sat with Something Haute recently and made revelations about a lot that’s happening in his life, his first film post cinema’s revival, drama industry and much more.

Here are 6 interesting revelations:


What is his take on women’s perspective in dramas?


“There are certain subjects that can be better handled by a woman as a writer and director. Muqaddar is written by Iqbal Bano and directed by Shehrazade Sheikh, so we have two female forces behind it and therefore it was comparatively easy to not cross that thin line that makes it objectionable. For instance, Shehrazade decided that we won’t let man slap woman.”


Why bad boys are more appealing on screen?


“Towards the end of Haiwan, I was receiving messages that Hamid should not be punished and I was like no, he shouldn’t be forgiven. He deserves imprisonment. I feel it’s a problem that we either show character as extremely bad or extremely good like I was in Baba Jaani. Sardar is a person who is wrong in what he is doing with Raima but he is a good father and uncle.”


Faysal believes Muqaddar is a love story.


“Sardar Saif ur Rehman will marry Raima. However, there is much more in story for viewers… abhi barhay tamashay baki hein. You will find out that Sardar has a line that he won’t let anybody cross, be it his nephew, daughter or even Raima. You will see how he will react then but it is definitely a love story.”

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What’s the fate of his first film, Sorry A Love Story?


Sorry A Love Story stars Zahid Ahmed, Faysal Qureshi, Faryal Mehmood and Aamina Sheikh and is directed by Sohail Javed. “I stopped the shoot when controversies around Sohail surfaced. I am thankful to him that he assured me that he is innocent and I believe if a person is taking an oath on Quran then I am obligated to believe him. We have shot 40% of the film so far and I am waiting for the court case to resolve.”


What’s his take on casting couches/ women safety in the industry?


“I believe women have to stand their ground first and stay away from people who exploit them. I always tell new comers that if a person is asking you for money then he/she will never give you work. Personally, I respect the limits set by my female colleagues; for instance Madiha Imam isn’t too comfortable with intimate scenes and I respect that. However, I have never heard that somebody misbehaved with a woman or a child on a set in our industry.”


How he is handling the coronavirus outbreak?


“The only solution as suggested by many is physical distancing, that’s why I have cancelled all my shoots of the project I was working on. No matter how much we ensure safety and hygiene, there are at least 40 people on a set and it is impossible to practice social distancing. However, there are many other actors who are still working. I am a part of United Producers Association (UPA) and I raised the same concern there but some people are just not listening.”

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