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10 Mar

Muqaddar: What will make Raima marry Sardar Saif ur Rehman?


The tale of power and obsession in Muqaddar continues this week as we see Raima’s (Madiha Imam) parents struggling with the idea of how to deal with an influential landlord like Sardar Saif ur Rehman (Faysal Quraishi). He has given them a three-day ultimatum in the previous episode and now almost eight days have passed. Raima, on the other hand, is carefree; she is head over heels in love with Haris (Ali Ansari) and she is living a dream. Little does she know that it won’t last forever!

Episode 4 seems to be a motley of love interests. Raima and Haris are the only two people who seem to have a connection. Meanwhile, Haris’ cousin Maha also sends an informal proposal for him and that too through Raima. Saad (Haroon Shahid) who is engaged to Abeera, secretly yearns for Raima, while Hassan likes Abeera. Yes, this sounds as confusing as it literally is, however, the biggest cat is not out of the bag yet! We know that Sardar Saif’s obsession will bulldoze over everyone’s feelings.




The happiness was short-lived as Sardar clearly tells Raima’s father that her engagement doesn’t matter to him. He would have gotten her divorced in case she was already married or worst he would have killed his husband because she is his heart’s desire. Furthermore, he threatens him that the deadline to reach a decision is over and now he won’t call him, but wait for his call. This was a clear hint that Sardar is up to no good.




While Raima was returning from her radio station, she was kidnapped by Sardar’s goons. Her father wasn’t able to reach Sardar as he is pretending to be in Dubai for the last three days while in reality he is at the farm house where they have kept Raima.

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It is quite clear from the next episode promo that Sardar Saif will now make Raima’s life unbearable with incessant threats as he is seen saying that he has turned all paths of her life to him and she can’t escape him now. Perhaps he will forcefully marry her as well. The question is how will Raima escape the atrocities inflicted by Sardar and his family? It is highly likely that she will compromise, keeping in mind Sardar has already threatened Haris’ life once. But will Raima’s family, especially Haris, help her to get back home or will she be blackmailed to keep Haris safe?

Guess we have to wait and watch the story unfold on its own. You can watch latest episode here:




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