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5 Mar

Celebrities condemn Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan’s derogatory remarks about the Hindu community

Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan

Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan crossed the line of indecency on Monday when he passed derogatory remarks against the Hindu community and their religion in a video that has since gone viral.

“Hey you cow urine-drinking people, listen up,” he said at a recent press conference. Presumably the minister was addressing India. “We are Muslims and we have a flag, the flag of Maula Ali’s (AS) bravery, the flag of Hazrat Umar’s valor (AS). Don’t operate under the delusion that you are better than us,” he said, addressing them as “Idol-worshippers”.

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Fayyaz Chohan’s comments clearly show that the minister is completely unaware that there are nearly 4 million Hindus living in Pakistan whose sentiments were hurt by his callous remarks.

Human rights activist, Kapil Dev also shared his sentiments with his tweet.



Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and PTI member Naeem ul Haque later tweeted that the ruling party will not tolerate “this nonsense” in response to Chohan’s comments:



This was followed by condemnation from federal ministers Shireen Mazari and Asad Umar, along with many celebrities from the entertainment industry:



Mahira Khan demanded action along with condemnation:





Designer Deepak Perwani — who is Hindu — retweeted the post of Taimur Khan Jhagra — a member of Pakhtunkhwa parliament — which quoted Quaid e Azam’s famous statement about freewill given to Hindus in the state of Pakistan:



Mawra Hocane also tweeted, recalling that she had read Quaid’s quote in the fifth grade and it will always stay with her:



Actor and director Asher Azeem Gill of Dhuwan and Maalik fame — who is Christian — also voiced his concern:



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