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22 May

FDA: Fashion Daily Allowance for shopaholics

The joy of driving back home with a boot full of newly purchased merchandize is an immeasurable pleasure for the shopaholic. And you could diagnose me as one. That said, I try never to exceed the credit limit on my card and my delight is always multiplied when I stumble across great bargains. Those great bargains, in my opinion, come in stores that offer high style for a fraction of the cost.

1. Sana Safinaz Store

My fashion bible.

x The Sana Safinaz store is one-must-stop at DMC, especially for those visiting Karachi.

To get a well-style, trend pushing (short, smart as opposed to long and flared) tunic for Rs3500 is a smile but when that tunic comes with a Sana Safinaz label it’s nothing short of a steal. There are ‘dream steals’ to be made at the newly inaugurated store in DMC, Karachi. Most of the styles I noticed at the opening were gone and replaced with new styles. A quick turnover and steady back-end supply…sigh.

2. Bonanza with Maheen Karim and Sanam Chaudhri

Maheen Karim looking trendy in the tan kimono, one of my four Bonanza buys.Maheen Karim looking trendy in the tan kimono, one of my four Bonanza buys.

The edgy black/white tunic, another one of my purchases.The edgy black/white tunic, another one of my purchases.

I’d like to think that years of writing about these corporate-designer collaborations have seen the light of day and I have played a small role in pushing this trend. But hey, I’m also reaping the benefits. So, while it formerly would have costed over 13 grand for ONE fancy tunic from either of these designers, I now bought FOUR (for my sis-in-law) for just as much. A dream sequence, I tell you. I went to the Bonanza store on Zamzama and purchased the black and white printed as well as carrot red embroidered tunic by Sanam and the black and white (embroidered) plus tan kimono by Maheen. Splendid!

3. Khaadi vs Koel

Unstitched fabric and spools of looms aren't always a bad thing, especially not when you're looking for some uniqueness. Unstitched fabric and spools of looms aren’t always a bad thing, especially not when you’re looking for some uniqueness.

I used to love Khaadi fabric and while I also love their ready to wear, I still like to pick up  fabric and have it styled to my choice and size every now and then. Now, while I was pleasantly surprised that I do fit into a Khaadi R2W size, I still obsess over my self-styled Khaadi kurtas (since I have fabulous people styling them for me), which I can no longer indulge in since fabric is no longer available. I don’t want to buy more 4 piece Khaadi-lawn suits (have enough) and I don’t want to wear the truck art/yellow bird/bicycle print that everyone is wearing. I want my fabric! Lucky for me, Koel has given me an option that Khaadi no longer does. I found the most fabulous loomed fabric and indulged to my heart’s delight 🙂 Thank you, Noorjehan Bilgrami! I’m not getting the variety I’m used to at Khaadi, but something’s better than nothing! Eagerly anticipating my four new tunics, which will serve as my China wardrobe 🙂

That said, and I want to say this loud and clear, the absolutely drool worthy Khaadi Khaas Fall 2013 collection (seen at PSFW) will have me obsessing over KK this August when it hits the stores!

Last word: A visit to the Sania Maskatiya store is on the cards this Saturday and I can’t wait for her to open at the more accessible DMC. Also, can’t wait for Feeha Jamshed to spread her wings a bit more. The two dori kurtas I bought from Ensemble (coral and black) have me wishing for more. I practically live in the simple, well-style tunics my friend Huma Adnan designs exclusively for me even though I can’t see myself wearing the embellished styles seen at the store. So maybe it’s time to give her a shout too. And while we’re talking shop, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Coco by Zara Shahjahan. Is the new MK Nation by Karma collection available at the Zamzama store? Maybe I should add a stop on my Saturday shop-hop. I do have a glorious IK kurta from the collection but my family has prohibited me from wearing it in Karachi while political rabidity prevails.




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