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1 Oct

Firdous Jamal is at it again & this time it’s Imran Ashraf’s turn

Firdous Jamal

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal became the talk of the town a few months ago with his questionable remarks about Mahira Khan’s age. Understandably, his inappropriate comments drew criticism not only from within the entertainment industry but also fans. Mahira, too, ended up addressing the situation in a heartfelt letter post which we felt that the storm had settled.

Apparently not, though. Firdous sahab is at it again and this time he has undermined another young and talented individual, none other than, Imran Ashraf. A video of an ARY News chat show has been circulating on social media in which the veteran actor is giving an interview along with legendary actor Munawwar Saeed. When asked which actor they believe has a bright future in the industry, Firdous called the younger lot, all of it, “models and showpieces”.

“They (young actors) haven’t realized it yet that acting is a different profession altogether,” he said, comparing younger artists to dummies in a departmental store.



When the host gave examples of Imran Ashraf’s role as Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Firdous claimed that “It wasn’t a spontaneous performance, but only pretension. He was acting, not behaving. Many people have outperformed such characters but unfortunately you haven’t seen those precious acts. I don’t want to criticize any individual here, but sadly acting is turning into a fashion these days. The fact is that the two professions are polar opposites as modeling is self projection, while acting is self negation,” Firdous replied.

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In response to Firdous’ comments, Imran Ashraf replied humbly that he respects Firdous Jamal and his opinion. The actor also requested his fans to not pass harsh comments.

Firdous Sahib bohat qabil izat hein kamaal k adaakar hein yakeenan agar yeah bhola ka role kartay to mujh say hazar gunna bahtar kartay. I respect him and his opinion. My humble request to every one my friends my viewers. Mujhay bilkul bura nahi laga mein koshish karoon ga k aur seekhoon. Please no harsh comments for him. Please no harsh comments hamaray baray ghar mein bhi hamein kuch Kah daitay hein zaroori nahi k bura maanein [Firdous Jamal is a respectable actor and undoubtedly he would have performed Bhola a 1000 times better than him. I respect him and his opinion. It’s my humble request to everyone; my friends and viewers alike to not send hate his way. I didn’t mind his comments and I will try my best to learn more. When elders in our family point out our mistakes, we don’t mind it],” he wrote.



That’s sweet of Imran but it’s kind of hard to not call Firdous sahab out for his consistent and irksome criticism that’s not befitting of an actor of his stature. What do you think?


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