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1 Jul

Haute List: 5 trending haircuts in quarantine


Just like the rest of us, celebrities are also self-isolating. This means that they have to let go of their glamorous lives, which for most, include a team of hairstylists and makeup artists. They, like us, are also waiting for a green signal from the authorities for the reopening of salons, however, how are they tending to their grooming needs? While some are taking matters into their own hands to cut hair, others are consulting experts keeping all SOPs in mind.

Those of us who have attempted to chop fringes, trim split-ends or dye a few strands, let’s just admit that cutting your hair at home isn’t easy (as we have seen some drastic celebrity haircuts). Nevertheless, here are a few trending hairstyles that caught out celebrity’s attention during quarantine. Some A-listers even found ways to try these makeovers; you can find out the one you want and look fresh as a daisy as soon as you return back to routine life.


1. The Famous Lob



This universally flattering haircut was popularized by Deepika Padukone last year. So whether your pre-lockdown bob cut has grown out or you want to cut your long hair short, a lob haircut is the way to go. Sanam Saeed recently chopped off her luscious locks into this style which barely grazes her collar bone.


2. Short Crop 




Women with wavy hair can finally make the most of their sweet curls and bring them at the forefront with this short crop haircut. With lots of layers to add volume to your mane, this hairstyle is best for a playful summer look.


3. Long Layers




This is for girls who love the length of their hair and want to maintain it. Go for long layers which will give your tresses a healthy bounce and they will appear more voluminous. You can even dye them in a shade lighter to add more personality.


4. Curtain Bangs




Bangs or fringes are tricky to style and we will never recommend you to try cutting them at home. However, curtain bangs are the perfect hairstyle to grow out a fringe as they can easily be parted down in the middle to shape your face. From a Bollywood icon like Parveen Babi to Hollywood stars like Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke and Zendaya, every generation has rocked this trend.

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5. Mixed Styles



If you are confused as to what to choose, go for a mix of may haircuts. Opt for a layered mid-length style which can accommodate fringes and lots of volume. This one is slightly longer than lob and shorter than a waist-length haircut. This will be perfect to try new hairdos.



Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.