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25 May

Haute List: 5 ways to avoid feeling low this Eid

Eid this year has not come with its usual festivities. Aside from social distancing and a countrywide lockdown, the country is also mourning the loss of our fellow citizens in the tragic plane crash. Amid all this, it’s hard to think of ways to cheer ourselves up. With our usual traditions all being thrown out the window, here are some ways you can keep yourself entertained while following social distancing rules.


1) Arrange a movie night with family members



There are many old feel-good comedies that always get us laughing in fits no matter what. Put one on, enjoy it with family and try making different snacks to go with it! If you’re away from friends and family, try opting for watching a movie online with someone online. Even if it’s not nearly as comforting, a movie while talking to someone can also put you in a good mood!


2) Definitely dress up all the way



We recommend using all three days to dress up to the max. Seeing yourself look good will definitely make you feel the same as well! However, for some, it doesn’t feel appropriate to dress up and celebrate the occasion due to so much devastation. Nonetheless, even looking decent in clean clothes can instantly lift up spirits as well.


3) Enjoy good food! 



Making a meal together with your family can be a good bonding experience that will also result delicious homemade food that you can indulge in! Just enjoying a nice feast with different dishes can feel like a special occasion. And we all could certainly use a little excitement right now.

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4) Visit the beach 




The beach is one of the few places one can go and still observe social distancing while being in a public place. Just feeling the wind in your hair and the sand in your feet can be a calming experience. If you’re still uneasy about being out in the open, you can drive to the nearest beach and enjoy the view from your car while in the company of a family member!


5) Be grateful and donate




Instead of letting ourselves fall into a deep hole of dark thoughts, we can choose to be on the other end of the spectrum and be grateful for our health and happiness. While we sit in our homes, others have had their reality ripped apart. What we can do at this time is to donate and help them. Chose any foundation you feel is helping people in the best way and put your Eidi towards a better purpose.


Eman Lakhany