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13 May

Haute Picks: 5 Pakistani comedy dramas to binge-watch in lockdown


Most of us by now have exhausted their Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriptions and watched shows that we may not have dared to watch in normal circumstances. This extended period of lockdown has left us sad and drained of energy, and the only ray of hope left is DiriliÅŸ: ErtuÄŸrul.

However, if you want to take a break and watch something that will not just distract you but also uplift your spirit and beat the lockdown gloom, we would recommend you binge-watch iconic Pakistani comedy plays. There are far two many if we start listing PTV dramas, but we have stuck to the last decade to find masterpieces for you which are equal part amusing and entertaining as well as quality content.

Most of these dramas have been uploaded by their respective TV channels on YouTube or Daily Motion. So if you need an escape during the current pandemic, here’s a list of shows that will do the trick.


1. Baraat series



Bushra Ansari as Saima Chaudhry


This may come as a shocker to those who saw Azar Ki Ayeghy Baraat, the first series starring Hasan Niazi and Sarwat Gilani and forgot to follow up. Directed by veteran Marina Khan and renowned director Nadeem Baig, the Baraat series has 3 more seasons, Dolly Ki Ayeghy Baraat, Takkay Ki Ayeghy Baraat and Annie Ki Ayeghy Baraat.

To sum it up, this comedy series is about two families; one hailing from Karachi and the other from Faisalabad. It depicts how the two seemingly-different households bond due to the relationships between their younger generations. It is hilarious and one of those shows whose characters always stay with us. Bushra Ansari as Saima Chaudhry and Ali Safina as Takka were exceptional in it.

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2. Aunn Zara




If there was one show where Osman Khalid Butt took the cake, hands down (before Ehd-e-Wafa) then it will be Aunn Zara. The comedy play is about a married couple — Osman and Maya Ali as Aunn and Zara respectively, who are the only children, spoilt by their respective families and are desperate to escape this attention. The play also popularized Osman and Maya’s jori.


3. Suno Chanda series




When Suno Chanda started airing, it reminded us of the Baraat series. Perhaps because we were watching a light-hearted family comedy after a long break. Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz as Arsal and Jiya respectively, will steal your hearts. You will be invested in their story, be it their silly banters, schemes against each other, falling for each other or an eventual fallout, you will cry and clap with them. With two seasons aired so far, the director Aehsun Talish has announced that he will be working on a third part soon and viewers are excited!


4. Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga series




For those of you who have missed this one, you are missing a gem. Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Gha offers two unexpected characters: Faysal Quraishi as a girl Sheedo and Aijaz Aslam as Chaudhry Nazakat.

The plot revolves around the Chaudhary family who lives in a mansion. Faysal plays double role of a guy Sheeda who disguises himself as a girl named Sheedo to hide from his former gang members, and to protect himself from being arrested. The comic duo of Aijaz and Faysal impressed us with great performances for three seasons; the fourth one wasn’t that impressive but it is still a must-watch.


5. Akbari Asghari




If you are a Fawad Khan fan then you cannot miss this one. Starring Imran Abbas, Fawad Khan, Sanam Baloch and Humaima Malik, this one is adaptation of Nazir Ahmed Dehlvi’s classic novel Miraat ul Aroos. 

The story is about two sisters Akbari (Sanam) and Asghari (Humaima) who have spent their whole lives abroad but their cab driver father wants them to marry his nephews Akbar (Imran) and Asghar (Fawad) who live in a village. What happens when they get married? Watch the drama to find out.

Let us know in the comments section below which one is your favorite?


Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.