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23 Mar

Here’s how you can help your country this 23rd March!

pakistan day

Every 23rd March, Pakistanis celebrate the country that has given them so much freedom. This year, however, things aren’t the same as in previous years. Our country needs us to be more responsible than ever amid this global coronavirus scare.

Here are the five things YOU can do this Pakistan Day to help your country and your fellow Pakistanis:


1. Stay At Home



First and foremost, all you need to do is practice self-isolation. This is the best you can do for not just yourself but everyone around you. To play your part in flattening the curve all you need to do is sit at home and do nothing (literally). If you are someone who is habitual of a busy lifestyle, then there is plenty you can do to keep busy while at home, like picking up a hobby, exercising, learning a new skill, taking free online courses or just watch movies with your family.


2. Stay Clean



The spread of the virus happens through human contact. The germs caught by your hands if transferred to your mouth or nose can put you at risk for the virus. To avoid this, it is best to constantly wash your hands and keep your environment clean of external germs.


3. Help Others



While it may feel like a cushy vacation for us in self-isolation, we cannot forget about the daily-wage earners that are out of work due to the lockdown. Donate as much as you can so everyone can wait out this virus without having to starve themselves in the process. Whether it’s money or food packets, every little bit helps in feeding a family at the time of crisis.

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4. Be Considerate



Be conscious as to not buy unnecessarily to a point that there’s nothing left for others. Hoarding on sanitizers and masks won’t help you if everyone isn’t being as safe as you. Also, stocking up to avoid trips to the store only works if everyone has enough food to not go out and buy every day. If you buy huge amounts of food then other people will still struggle to find those items, making self-isolation impossible.


5. Stay Healthy 


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About a month ago all of us were dealing with different kinds of problems, emotional problems, financial problems.. champagne problems. And now.. at the end.. we’ve all gone back to the beginning.. simply trying to survive. Life can take a turn at any point.. this time it has for all of us together. We literally are in this together… but for us to get through this we need to take this seriously. I see a lot of people laughing this off… it’s not a joke. People have and are dying because of it. I can’t stress enough. Please take this seriously. This is in real term “survival of the fittest”. • Take your daily vitamins. • strengthen your immune system. • Wash hands often • Use hand Sanitizers, • wear masks and gloves when outside • Keep in check with body temperature ( It needs to be much under 100f ) • Eat Clean • Exercise at home •And Lastly, the toughest one for many, Self Isolate. At the end, there are no guarantees, but the least we can do is take precautions for ourselves.. our family and friends.. agay Allah Malik hai ❤️.

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Another thing that makes you vulnerable to COVID-19 is a compromised immune system. The only way to have the ability to fight the virus if you catch it is to keep yourself in a healthy condition. Keep a good vitamin C intake along with a healthy diet.

It’s not a lot but these steps are what will decide the future of our country in this bio-war against the Coronavirus. Let’s take responsibility for our part and beat this pandemic together!


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