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14 Feb

Here’s who our celebrities would like to share their Valentine’s Day with!

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love and appreciation to the ones we cherish most in our lives. However, who says that it has to be a partner we celebrate it with?

We asked our celebrities who they would like to celebrate their day with apart from their significant other. While some celebs said they have never felt this day to be worth celebrating, here’s a list of those who revealed who they’d like to spend this special day with!


Ahsan Khan



The Udaari actor stated that he would like to spend this day with his parents. “They are nothing short of a blessing. I would love to spend as much of my time with them as I can. I feel that it’s astonishing how they chose to dedicate their entire lives to your well-being after bringing you into this world.”

We feel the same Ahsan. Let’s all take this day to tell our parents we love them!


Emmad Irfani



He conveyed that if it had to be anyone other than his wife, it would be his kids. Especially his eldest, Zaviyar. Along with this dedication, the Cheekh actor added a small message for his son. “Try as I may, I can never explain, what I hear when you don’t say a thing”.

Your son is extremely lucky to have such a loving father, Emmad!


Mansha Pasha



The Laal Kabootar actress dedicated her wish to her sister. “She’s in London right now and I can just imagine what we would be doing if we were in London together on Valentine’s Day”. She added that if they were together in London they would have probably been wearing pink or red, going for a lunch and movie date, roaming the high street and simply having the time of their lives. She ended her answer with a small message to her sister. “Miss you, Hannah!”.

We hope you are reunited with your sister soon!


Shaniera Akram



Shaniera couldn’t help but express how there is no one she would rather spend her Valentine’s Day with other than her husband. “This is the first time we’ll be together on this day after a long time. But if I had to chose someone else it would be my BFF Brooke who is in Australia but is coming to Pakistan this month and I can’t wait!”

We hope you have a great time Shaniera!

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Ayesha Omar



Ayesha wanted to spread the love to her mom and her friends this Valentine’s Day. “Thank you for the unconditional love. When I’m at my best and my worst. Hope I will always be able to reciprocate. Insha Allah.”

We hope so too!

It’s great to see people willing to broaden their love on Valentine’s Day and extend it to others members of their families besides their spouses. Who would YOU celebrate this day with?


The Haute Team

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