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24 Mar

Humayun Saeed & Adnan Siddiqui test negative for coronavirus

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Meray Paas Tum Ho co-stars — Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed — had decided to self-isolate together after returning from a meet and greet tour in the US for their drama serial last week. They took precautionary measured and waited to get tested for the coronavirus before returning to their families. Recently, Humayun made the announcement that their test results had come back negative.

He explained in an Instagram picture, posing with Adnan Siddiqui, “Alhamdulillah our coronavirus reports have come back negative.”



He added that even though they’ve tested negative, they will still complete the recommended fourteen days of self-quarantine. “We will still complete 14 days in quarantine and will be taking every necessary safety precaution even after that,” he wrote.

He thanked his supporters for their support throughout this entire ordeal and encouraged them to stay safe and stay home.

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Earlier, Adnan Siddiqui had also used his Instagram to emphasize on the importance of self-isolation if people have been tested positive, if not for themselves then for their loved ones.



“Hi guys, this is a humble appeal from all of us – Please stay at home, use as much precaution as you can, if you’ve tested positive please quarantine for at least 2 weeks and let’s fight coronavirus together. Let’s look after ourselves and our loved ones. Nothing is more important than health,” he said.

Let’s all follow in their footsteps and take the necessary precautions for our own health and for the people around us!


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