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3 Jun

Imran Abbas and Sana Javed look promising in Inaam teaser

The much awaited drama serial, Inaam, starring Imran Abbas and Sana Javed, is ready to hit the small screen and the teaser promises a gripping tale of a very relevant issue; workplace harassment.

Directed by Anjum Shehzad, the drama will feature Imran Abbas in a negative role, which is something he hasn’t dabbled with much.

Speaking about his character to Something Haute earlier, the actor admitted that it was slightly challenging for him as he is not used to playing completely negative roles. “I am really looking forward to playing this because as an actor it is a way for me to learn how to execute different types of characters, especially those that are out of my comfort zone,” Imran said.

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Sana Javed will be seen opposite Imran Abbas, essaying the role of a victim of harassment at her workplace. The teaser shows her in uncomfortable situations with Imran Abbas routinely, who is trying to corner and harass her. She is seen trying to take a stand for herself but does it work? We will have to watch the serial for that.

Talking to Instep earlier, the actress revealed how hurtful it was for her to shoot this serial. “I would keep thinking about girls in similar positions. Women can’t talk about it so the message I want to give with this serial is to speak up. It takes so much courage to speak about these issues,” she said.

Watch the teaser for the serial which is coming soon on Geo Entertainment.



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