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11 Aug

Ishqiya finale: Is the ending worth the wait?


Ishqiya finally concluded on Monday night with a double episode finale and though the drama had only 28 episodes, which seems quite reasonable considering majority of the plays today stretch to 35 plus, this one could have easily ended long ago.

Starring Feroze Khan, Ramsha Khan, Hania Aamir and Gohar Rasheed in principle cast, Ishqiya was the story of university sweethearts Hamna and Hamza (played by Ramsha and Feroze) who broke up because Hamna was too shy and scared to take a stand and introduce her boyfriend to her family. She married Azeem (Gohar) on her father’s insistence and this started a cat and mouse chase between the two ex-lovers. Hamza, in his attempt to take revenge, married her sister, Rumi (Hania) and inadvertently fell in love with her.

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The premise seemed quite predictable and even though it was promised that it will turn out to be a roller coaster ride, Ishqiya was more like a merry-go-round with at least 200 flashbacks in 28 episodes. By the end, Hamza’s family friend — Alishba (Mehrunissa) — bruised by unrequited love for the guy, revealed Hamza’s ill intentions and his affair with Hamna to Rumi, who then left him and lost her unborn child.

Hania Aamir as Rumi

While most of us expected this climax and ending because Hamza didn’t deserve either of the two girls, it was good to see his parent’s reaction who completely opposed him. Unlike typical desi parents, especially mothers shown in Pakistani dramas, Hamza’s mom told him that he deserved this bitter end for ruining the lives of two women and their families. The writer, Mohsin Ali Shah, has done justice to the story by at least punishing the culprit for his deeds.

Even though I strongly believe that Hamna was equally responsible for her sister’s ordeal and her silence ruined Rumi’s life, a part of me is happy to see an understanding husband on-screen who accepted her flaws. But if she deserved a second chance, so did Rumi. Unfortunately, Hamza’s hunger for vengeance destroyed what could have been a beautiful relationship.

In Ishqiya, the hero and victim of the show was Rumi who stood up for what’s right without any second thoughts. It was disheartening to see that the girl who was the life of the show in the beginning, lost everything in the end. She was the collateral damage in Ishqiya and unfortunately life is such!

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