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28 Jul

Video: Ramsha Khan reveals why she decided to play Hamna instead of Rumi in ‘Ishqiya’

Ramsha Khan

Ramsha Khan is a name who has received lot of popularity after her drama serial Kesa Hai Naseeban. The actor who has been a part of several drama serials is finally getting attention from the viewers and her recent drama Ishqiya has worked in her favor. Though her timid role in Ishqiya has raised a lot of questions as well. Team Something Haute caught up with the actress to get a few answers:

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

How does it feel to see that Ishqiya is breaking so many rating and viewership records on YouTube?

“If feels great to be honest. A lot of people who didn’t know me earlier have recognized me after Ishqiya. I was offered Rumi (Hania Aamir’s character) in the beginning, but I wanted to play Hamna,” Ramsha said.

Why did you willingly opt for a role which didn’t have much room to perform, at least in the beginning?

“As an actor, I perceived Hamna’s personality as a socially-awkward and inexpressive person. She was stuck in the middle of family and love and I thought it would be a bigger challenge to play a role on such a lower pitch,” she added.

What does Ramsha think Hamna feels about Hamza’s emotional connection with Rumi?

“As Hamna, I think it is too late for Hamza to retreat. He has tortured that girl non-stop, used her and now when he has realized that Azeem and Hamna are standing strong, he is afraid what will Rumi think once the cat is out of the bag. He is afraid of the consequences,” the actor said.

Do you relate to Hamna at all?

“There are no many traits of people that we don’t know about but such siblings do exist. I personally don’t relate to either to the sisters; I’m neither bubbly nor quiet. I am a blunt person in real life, however I also fear confrontation. But it is good to experience new emotions through my characters,” Ramsha said.

Watch her complete interview to know about Hamna-Azeem’s chemistry, Ramsha’s upcoming serial with Wahaj Ali, Ghisi Piti Mohabbat and more:


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