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17 Mar

Ishqiya: Is Hamna jealous or does she actually care about Rumi?


Ishqiya stars Feroze Khan as Hamza, Ramsha Khan as Hamna and Hania Amir as Rumi aka Hamna’s sister. The show revolves around the stigma around love marriages in desi culture and how young people succumb to the pressure and leave their long-time partners to marry whoever their parents choose.

For the last few episodes, the show tried to depict Hamna as the victim who feared her parents to the point of leaving her long-term boyfriend and marrying somebody else without telling either her parents or her boyfriend of her dilemma. However, we believe that it was all a huge self-serving move that is now going to ruin many lives. The reason being that Hamza, is out for blood and has sent a proposal for Hamna’s younger sister, Rumi. 

Throughout the show, we have seen Hamna’s need to victimize herself to justify her actions. First, she got married to somebody else while keeping her boyfriend, Hamza, in the dark completely. Then, she kept wanting to believe that she lost Hamza but still loves him, yet, we see her move on within a few days with her now-husband, Azeem (played by Gohar Rasheed). 

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Now in the latest episode, we see that her insensitivity become even more palpable as she is again choosing to stay quiet while her parents consider Hamza’s proposal for her sister Rumi. We see a distressed Hamna running around trying to raise her voice against a rishta (proposal) that her parents  are considering as a very well-suited match for her sister. She desperately keeps calling Hamza in an attempt to convince him to back down. She even confidently claims that she will never let Hamza succeed, but Hamza immediately shuts her down. He threatens her by saying that if she succeeds in getting his proposal for Rumi rejected or even tries, he will make everybody’s lives miserable and will show everyone the proof he has of their ‘relationship’. 




So, what we’ve concluded is that Hamna is working out of selfishness rather than concern for her sister. For several reasons, this is quite obvious. Firstly, caring for her sister is the last thing she would consider since they are the most distant sisters we have ever seen. So much so that none of them has shown any love or care towards each other. Secondly, the fear that she had about her parents, became irrelevant since her parents were so impressed by Hamza and his family. We’re sure she’s regretting her decision now that she is seeing her parents are so welcoming to Hamza’s proposal. Thirdly, she’s more worried about her own future, in case Hamza succeeds, rather than her sister’s. The reason being that his threat was directed towards something that would ruin her reputation.

In the promo for the next episode, we see that Hamna decides not to tell Rumi (who is extremely taken by Hamza’s charm), because of Hamza’s threat. We also see Hamna beg him to not tell her husband, Azeem, anything. However, should she be thinking of herself right now? Ideally, her sister should be her priority. What Hamna did, was her own will and was extremely selfish, but letting her sister become collateral damage for what she did is taking matters to another level. 

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Eman Lakhany