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12 Mar

Jazz: Pakistani millennials have a Data champion!


It’s no surprise that Jazz is one of the most prominent names in the Pakistani Telecom industry. One in every third Pakistani customer has chosen Jazz to be their service provider. And there’s definitely a reason for it. They’ve worked tirelessly to provide the fastest data (according to OOKLA and PTA) to Pakistan which is why it has only taken them 2.5 years to reach 15.5 Million 4G customers!

If you are still contemplating whether or not to switch to Jazz. Here are 5 reasons which will make you immediately want Jazz Super 4G!


1. It’s the number one digital brand in Pakistan 

Currently being used by every one out of three Pakistanis, it entails that Jazz is not just a telecom company but a brand that is digitizing the demands of 60+ million customers. They’ve always strived towards creating affordable digital tools for everyone.



2. The best network in Pakistan 

They are the best network in Pakistan whether it’s for data, distribution, customer experience or mobile wallet base. Four times in a row, Jazz has also been awarded the fastest 4G in Pakistan by Ookla.

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3. The brand has a huge base of loyal customers

It was probably the first network to enter our houses along with cellular phones back in the ’90s. Since then they’ve shown consistency in providing excellence in the past 25 years.


4. The fastest growth among all competitors 

They have had the confidence of 60 million+ customers out of which 27.3 million are data and 15.5 million are 4G customers. They’ve focused on providing service to the remotest regions of Pakistan. This shows their customer-centric approach that has paid off for them in the long run.


5. Guaranteed to provide a seamless connection

Jazz has been defying the norms and changing the digital landscape of the country for years and is geared to take on the future with the youth right by its side. So, if you want uninterrupted connectivity with the world, switch to Jazz Super 4G ASAP!



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