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3 Nov

Khadijah Shah does bridals with elan






Khadijah Shah is one of the most popular bridal designers in Lahore, for good reason.

Her office has stopped taking orders for bridals that require delivery before March. That means the next five months are locked, blocked and booked for Khadijah Shah who has her hands full and therefore no time to think of fashion shows. She says it’s unlikely she’ll be showing at PFDC’s inaugural bridal week (being organized in collaboration with beauty giants L’Oreal) this December.

But that won’t cause a dent in her business, that is obviously flourishing with or without extra publicity. Shah’s work speaks for itself, her forte being the classic and traditional line she sketches. This recent image from her bridal atelier just about defines what her ensembles are all about. They are elegant and sophisticated, often monochrome with only the lightest hint of complimentary colours and they are adorned by same-tone embellishment as well as the ornamental jewel motif that has become Shah’s signature. The fabric she uses here is a pure, imported net.

While talking about bridal trends this season (look out for The Review within Dawn Images for details) she says that izaars are highly recommended whereas lehngas belong strictly on movie sets. She approves grape green and tea pink as her season’s favourite colours and she talks about kora and naqshi as her choice of metallic thread.

There certainly is more to bridals that meets the eye and it isn’t every day that you get blown away by one that does. Here’s to designers who can design bridals with a signature as opposed to designers merely taking dictation from clients and reproducing for a hefty price.


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