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2 Mar

Kiran Aman and Sonya Battla take design to another level

There are so many cliches that can be applied to Kiran Aman and Sonya Battla’s tasteful fashion/jewelry launch that was held at the Karachi Planetarium and featured a presentation and installation instead of a runway show. They took design to astronomical levels, it was an ‘out of the world’ experience. I really don’t mind if you choose not to pardon the pun.

I generally don’t blog about events that I have reviewed until after my review is published but I could sit on these images no longer and had to post them up until Dawn Images does on Sunday.

Kiran has used silver as the base  metal and used gold to plate it while intricately texturing it like the surface of the moon. These ornaments are multipurpose and can be worn as a pendant, belt etc. The dress, in a metallic bronze shade of organza, could be a wisp of galactic gases surfacing on a planet. It is very ethereal.

The image is a bit darker than it actually was – I’d call it washed with with moonlight – but this installation was absolutely stunning.

Now I know that tongues will wag that Sonya Battla is such a good friend of mine that I would praise her, naturally, but really I’m immune to bullshit now. I’ve been taking it for over a decade and I really couldn’t give two hoots over what people think. This appreciation is well deserved and it would be biased not to grant it. To Kiran and Sonya.

Photos by Kohi Marri courtesy Lotus PR


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