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5 Feb

So KFJ, I so love!

They say third time is lucky and like a cat looking for the right place to settle down, jewellery designer and publisher Kiran Aman has experimented with two stores previously before setting down for this little haven of artistic expression. Tucked away on the second floor of Ocean Mall, the KFJ (Kiran Fine Jewellery) store opened yesterday to a delighted clientele that could not wait for the event to finish before they started buying.

There’s something about Kiran that sets her apart. And that something is her unfaltering passion for what she does, whether that’s publishing books or creating pieces of jewellery that are unique, designed with a deep symbolism at their heart. There is nothing conventional about her jewellery – whether you look at the beaten and scripted gold pieces that have become her signature – or the diamond jewellery that too is unorthodox in its approach.  Kiran designs collections, just as any true fashion designer would, and she designs with what I’d call an emotional obsession with ideas.


A combination of Barzakh and Man Scripts Time

Esoteric, try to figure it out

Esoteric, try to figure it out


If you walk into her outlet at the mall, you’ll see the Man Scripts Time collection, the fabulous black and gold Barzakh collection and the extension of Barzakh, Nau, which introduces a new technique of laser cutting on beaten gold. The latest collection titled Esoteric is constructed out of tiny symbols that only someone with an IQ will pick up on, just the way she wants it.


While the store currently retails her gold and diamond lines, a new and affordable (though just as symbolic) range called Kino, will be introduced soon.

Photography: Kohi Marri


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