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8 Oct

‘Laal Kabootar’ bags Best Feature Film award at TSAFF 2019

Laal Kabootar

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha starrer Laal Kabootar is riding the high tide these days. Kamal Khan’s directorial debut has won many praises and accolades on global front so far and here’s another addition to its long list of achievements; Laal Kabootar recently bagged an award for Best Feature Film in the Archana Soy Audience Choice Awards at the 14th Tasveer South Asian Film Festival.

The festival was held from September 26th to October 6th, 2019. Among other screenings and talks, Laal Kabootar was showcased on the closing night, followed by a Q & A session with lead actor Ahmed Ali Akbar and producer of the film Kamil Chima, both in attendance.



Speaking to the audience post the film’s screening, Ahmed Ali Akbar shared, “Kamal and I call getting into the character a process of discovery; we spoke at length about who he is not, rather than who he is, there was a lot of inspection and thinking. It took a lot of time.”

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A post on the TSAFF’s official Facebook page read, “After an epic week of films, red carpet glitz, esteemed guests & visitors, and talented filmmakers today marks the finale to #TSAFF2019!”

This was followed by an Instagram post, congratulating the Laal Kabootar team, “Closing Night film Laal Kabootar took home the Archana Soy Audience Award for ‘Best Feature Film’! Congrats all around Kamil Chima, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Mansha Pasha and Laal Kabootar.”



Laal Kabootar is also Pakistan’s official submission for Oscars 2020 in the International Feature Film Award category.


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