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4 Jun

From Karachi to London to China

I have traveled across three time zones and am now in Shenzhen, China for a month. There is no legal access to Facebook, Youtube, twitter, my blog and many more sites so my medium of communication is very limited. I think that’s a good thing. I needed that break from ‘free press influx’  back home. The only thing I’m missing is free downloads and I’m desperate to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones. Perhaps I will manage tonight.

China is breathtakingly beautiful. There is a rumbling hill in the backyard of where we live (in Shekou, Shenzhen) and the low clouds make it look like paradise. I don’t think I could ever live here – not with the absence of live news feed and buzz – but its idyllic for a month. Dubai and Singapore – considered ex-pat haven by so many – appear rustic in comparison. Here there is a deep seeped sense of history and an eagerness to work hard and progress. That’s what I feel London and China have in common. I love it.

That’s an approach we should have adapted but we as a nation are too busy being defensive about our shortcomings to face and fix them.

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