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14 Jul

Random fun at the LSAs!

I don’t have too many pictures to share and so I’m kind of waiting for my friends to update my stock. But if you’ve read my story on

then you’ll have gauged that it was a good show and a great evening, with minor flaws that are almost negligible. That said, the red or rather green carpet was too congested and poorly planned. It was impossible to see the stars make a grand entrance and I only got a whiff of the following…

The marvelous Mathira!

I am truly very fond of Mathira because she is who she is and she doesn’t shy away from it. Whether she dropped her top (at fashion week) intentionally or not (she insists not!) she is a firebrand that will go places when someone figures out how to use her in the right way. Mathira performed in the Ahmed Rushdi tribute at the LSAs and she walked the red carpet in an Ali Xeeshan dress that had very visibly been modified to cover her cleavage and secure safely over her shoulders with the help of florets and corsages. Tsk tsk…how we fear the unknown 🙂

Snippet: you may see Meera very clearly stepping in front of Mathira and blocking her from the camera in the Ahmed Rushdi finale. That’s Meera for you and I love her just as much…showbiz is so much fun!


That is certainly not Raheel Rao but the lovely Mahira, who turned up for the LSAs despite not being a nominee this year. The thing is that while Humsafar was on a winning streak, it didn’t make the 2011 time limit in principle because more than half the play ran into 2012 not 2011. The soundtrack made it to the list because the soundtrack and title track released in 2011. Simple.

So Mahira turned up in a simple blue gown designed by her friend Feeha Jamshed. And she accessorized the dress with a vintage silver choker. That’s her style.

Snippet: Mahira wanted a modest and yet modern dress for the event but incidentally, this wraparound had a slit that revealed her well-toned legs well up to the thighs. That called for a lot of dress clutching and safe criss-crossing of the legs 🙂


I’m fond of Meera just as much, if not more, as I am of Mathira and Mahira. These are some of my favourite people in show biz and I was delighted to see Meera shift away from her usual ethnic, eastern avatar for a youthful, fresh look. This Sadaf Malaterre dress was delightful but I only wish she had chosen one we hadn’t seen before. It should have been a couture piece made for Meera. That said, I loved the way Nabila had styled her to look youthful.

Ali Zafar and Batool, my Tweeter for the evening.

Okay so Ali Zafar was always endearing but now that he has that 1000-watt star smile and a humble attitude that would put the Dalai Lama to shame, he’s become too good to be true. Slimmer than we saw him in LPNY, easier on the feet (his dance moves were much better than Humaima’s) and sweeter than ever, he made us very proud. And you can take a look at the clips to get a better idea of what I’m saying.

Ali is seen here with my lovely niece and Tweeter for the night, Batool, who has just returned from a culinary institute in South of France with a degree in pastry making. She helps her mom in running the fabulous Rina’s Kitchenette in Lahore. I must say that Batool’s breakfasts – the garlic fried eggs with roasted mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, the chocolate crepes etc – were to die for and I hope she gets married and moves to Karachi soon.

More pictures soon…

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