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8 Feb

If #SindhFest had been #PunjabFest…

Mariam Nawaz Sharif would be Patron of #PunjabFestival  and her logo would be Wonder Woman!

Aren’t we all loving’ it. The entire band baaja baarat of the Sindh Festival has us thoroughly entertained through the days – everything from Bilawal Bhutto and Bilawal Bhatti cricket promos, meri ajrak mera style fashion guides, donkey derbies and deep sea fishing, etc. There is a nagging voice at the back of our heads that plays part of a fly in the ointment but hey, we’re all having too much of a great time to worry about trivia. Why worry about traffic blockades (caused by VIP movement, not one that comes without a hefty entourage of armed guards), Fakhr e Alam’s involvement (wasn’t he accused of embezzlement of flood funds), late night fireworks, by now a nuisance etc etc? Why worry when you can sit back and (for once) enjoy the headlines? Surely the FAT (Fashion Against Talibanisation) people should modify their acronym to Festival Against Talibanisation! But that’s not the point of this blog. The point is to ponder, for a moment, what the Sindh Festival would be if it were happening in Punjab, under the PML-N government…all in good faith, of course.

Mariam Nawaz Sharif would be Patron of #PunjabFestival  

Her logo would be Wonder Women, with truck art as its trademark

The opening ceremony would be held at the Lahore Fort, again infuriating conservationists.

The donkey cart would actually be a horse-carriage race.

Deep sea fishing would be replaced by a Canal Swimming Tournament.

The Gawal Mandi Food Street would be revived as the GHQ of #PunjabFest, with rich, popular cuisine being the main attraction of the event.

Sufi and Ghazal nights would be replaced by Milads at Raiwind.

Pop music would be replaced by beats of the powerful dhol. This is where Overload and Pappu Sain would replace Ali Gul Pir and Saeen Zahoor.

Fashion Festival would be dubbed ‘Cultural Show’ as the word ‘fashion’ has ‘indecent’ implications.

Kite flying would stay banned because not only did Punjab actually ban it years ago but now (in this highly politicised environment) the kite is more symbolic of the MQM than a sport. This event would be replaced by a Cycling Tournament. Come to think of it, even #SindhFestivak should have had an archery event. 

The Sharif residence in model town would become as inaccessible and inconvenient to the common man as Bilawal House is. But, oh wait….it already is!

So, who are you going to be voting for in the next elections? Does the Sindh Festival play a part in your decision?


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