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19 Jun

Mehwish Hayat burns the dance floor as Gangster Guriya in Baaji

Mehwish Hayat

Undoubtedly Mehwish Hayat is the golden girl when it comes to dance performances in Pakistani movies. With Billi (Na Maloom Afraad) and Chirrya (Chhalawa) in her kitty so far, now Mehwish went beyond animal life titles and this time she has become the ‘gangster guriya’ for Baaji. And oh boy she is on fire!

Sung by famed Bollywood singer Sunidhi Chohan, Gangster Guriya has Mehwish flaunting her curls and leather-laden avatar. As the song suggests she is this rebellious star who is beyond reach with a devil-may-care attitude and Mehwish’s persona is right on point. However, we were expecting a more catchy tune. Gangster Guriya is visually captivating but the song has little chances of rerun value as you can hardly comprehend the words, let alone sing them.


Mehwish Hayat


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Osman Khalid Butt is the creative mind behind the choreography and lyrics of the song. With a talented dancer like Mehwish, Osman has experimented a little with the actress grooving in different settings from a throne to a graffiti wall and garage setting. Osman had shared in an earlier interview that this song will feature Meera in it as well but the diva was missing in the released video, perhaps the director wants to keep her performance exclusive for the film.

The song has been composed and produced by Taha Malik, who also penned additional lyrics. Watch Gangster Guriya here and share your thoughts about the song:



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