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9 Sep

MBKD makes a heart warming premiere

Hop on for the joyride!

Ali Zafar’s Yash Raj venture, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, premiered in Karachi today and it sent the crowds home with smiles pasted to their faces. Two things make Indian films a hit: stars and soundtracks and MBKD offered both. A light hearted fun watch with an absolutely amazing soundtrack. Don’t expect anything deep from the film; it doesn’t have a soul. But it does have spirit and what more do you need for entertainment? Spirit and a bucket of popcorn will do nicely, thank you very much!

With Frieha and Rukaiya at the premiere

 You can read my official review in the newspaper but a few words on the premiere before that. I cannot express how elated I am that the film started on time and we were home at a very respectable half past eleven. And this may sound strange but I’m comparing this to the last premiere I attended – of Bol in Lahore – which started past 11 and ended you can imagine when. It was scheduled to begin at nine. That night we got home around 3am (all the way from Cinestar in Township) which was late enough to swear me off premieres for a long time! Not my idea of a fun night.

It’s true that the Bol premiere in Lahore was attended by the star cast but then so was the Bol premiere in Karachi and apparently that started spot on time. What can I say? Full marks to Karachi for punctuality! It really is appreciated.

“I loved it. He hated it,” said Saira Kazmi after the film. She loved its light hearted humour while the uber-elegant Rahat Kazmi found it childish.

Spotted at the premiere: with me were Rukaiya Adamjee, Sonya Battla and Frieha Altaf. Sending out a request to Frieha: invite Ali Z to perform to the to-be-big-hit song Madhubala at the upcoming LSAs. Let’s give our stars a platform to shine in Pakistan too! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have Ali Z perform Madhubala and Atif Aslam sing Hona Tha Pyar and Kaho from Bol…what an evening that would be. A deja vu of Malaysia, when both the stars performed individually, nothing less. And a cherry on this pie would be the Love Mein Ghum track…why not!!!

 Two of my editors – Faisal Quraishi (Images) and Muniba Kamal (Instep) – were at the film too so I guess my review will be scrutinized this week! Also spotted Sadia Iman, actor/comedian Faisal Qureshi and of course, TV’s most graceful couple – Rahat and Saira Kazmi. Saira enjoyed the film while Rahat, she said, found it childish 🙂 Childish is good, I think. Queue up at the box office and buy your tickets now!

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