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22 Sep

LSA moments: Is Aamina Sheikh the new Aaminah Haq?

I’ll keep posting moments from this year’s Lux Style Awards that may never make it to the main stories (simply because there is so much to write about) but I want to document nevertheless. It’s these moments that add spice to any event.

So, is Aamina Sheikh the new Aaminah Haq?

Lux Style Awards 2007 in Malaysia…hai the magic that Atif and Aaminah Haq spun!

Mohib and Aamina blew a whisp of fresh air into the dance sequences this year.

I honestly don’t think there can be another Aaminah Haq. That brand of honesty and vigour, style and sexiness doesn’t exist amongst the new generation that is usually too busy being too sweet and politically correct to be exciting. One needs a little spice with all that sugar and Aaminah was all about spice. Still is.

That said, Aaminah Sheikh and Mohib are a great new couple. The comparisons between both women are uncanny: they do print modeling better than runway, they are both great actors (they have both been nominated in Best Actress categories at the LSAs), they both have stage presence, they are articulate and above all, they both have a personality. That too an attractive one.

So while there can never be another Aaminah Haq – someone with the guts to get photographed wearing nothing but a bedsheet, cigarette in hand – I do feel that Aamina Sheikh steps in her shoes just fine. She picks up from where the former exits.

Photographs by Faisal Farooqui


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