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22 Jul

Mohsin Abbas Haider says he’s never hit any women in his family so he couldn’t have hit his wife

After being accused of cheating and domestic abuse, actor Mohsin Abbas Haider held a press conference late last night where he presented justifications for the claims made against him.

With one hand on the Quran, the actor insisted that everything he would say would be the truth and that all the allegations leveled against him by his wife held no weight. He proceeded to provide a background of their marriage and claimed that both of the parties agreed that it was a hasty decision.

“A few days after our marriage, her lies started to surface, and her father is witness to that,” he said, calling on to his wife, Fatema Sohail’s father to come and testify against Fatema.

He went on to insist how well he treated her after their marriage despite her lies, often bringing her bouquets to ensure her happiness. “She had a habit of compulsively lying and manipulating stories to suit herself,” he said, while insisting that it was a failing marriage.

He also insisted that he has never aired his family matters and issues on social media, and that it’s not how he was brought up. According to Mohsin, Fatema’s own siblings allegedly, routinely questioned her character. “When she was pregnant with my daughter, they messaged to tell me that it was not my child and that she was involved with other men,” Mohsin revealed.

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“In four years of our marriage, we barely lived together for a year, and even that’s an exaggeration. We have been separated for 6 months now,” he said. According to Mohsin, they were never compatible with each other, and it was a toxic relationship.

Digging a bigger hole for himself, Mohsin said, “She would often do things that would make a person rebel in a relationship,” seemingly admitting that he was not expressly committed to her.



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He also denied allegations of domestic violence, claiming he’d never raised his hand on any women in his family.

“I’m a female oriented man, I’ve been brought up by four women and I know the respect and dignity of a woman. In my 35 years of age, I never hit them once. I was in a committed relationship for 6 years before my marriage as well, and I never hit her,” he insisted, in an effort to make a point that he could not have hit Fatema in their four years of marriage.

Talking about the pictures that Fatema posted as proof of her ordeal, he said that she took those photographs after she had fallen down some stairs and were meant for him, since he was travelling when the alleged incident happened. “If I have beaten her so badly a couple of days ago, I urge her to come forward with proofs of her recent injuries, or even medical reports,” he added.

Mohsin’s wife, Fatema Sohail, who had posted about her ordeal late Friday night, also spoke to Express News, revealing details of her husband cheating on her with a struggling model and subjecting her to verbal and physical torture, even after the birth of their son in May.

The story is still developing and we will keep you updated.


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