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13 Apr

PSFW: Mohsin Ali for Libas

Mohsin Ali for Libas

Mohsin Ali for Libas

Using gentle pastels to create a multipurpose collection that could be taken apart and put back together in any variation, Mohsin Ali for Libas was a hit. So many trends were offered in this cornucopia of design, which took Mohsin Ali three months to work on with Sehyr Saigol. It was evident that the best of two different aesthetics came together. Loved the use of pastels (though I’m not a pastel person at all) perspex, neon ribboning, and loved the crystal sneakers, which brings me to my point. Collaborations

Collaborations need to happen at an industrial scale. It’s great that an established label like Libas should engage a young name like Mohsin and allow him the brand’s outreach (Libas has huge clientele) but the collaboration should not stop there.

According to Mohsin, the sneakers created for the show will be displayed at PFDC stores for retail but I feel that the business should not end there either. A brand like Bata or Service (where the sneakers were apparently bought from and embellished under the designer’s supervision) should step in and collaborate to produce a fashion week limited edition collection, available at stores nationwide. Women interested in fashion in Pakistan (there are more than you’d imagine) may not have access to the elite Libas label but they should be able to have some kind of access to design that they see and read about.

Servis Shoes for Everyone? Let’s make Servis Shoes by Mohsin Ali for everyone! Surely that would be better branding than putting their name on an Awards Show media wall.

Photography by Faisal Farooqui @ Dragonfly



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