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17 Aug

Musicians and the style statements they make


From Prince to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and even back to Elvis Presley and the Beetles, world over musicians have a fashion identity, which doesn’t have to be good or bad, but a declaration of their trademark style. Their look helps build their persona, which resonates in their specific brand of music. Whether they are rappers, rockers, pop musicians, western-country singers, soul and blues artists…it shows in how they dress. We took a look at our local musicians and their personal styles and whether they even have one
Abida Parveen connects to her sufi-Sindhi heritage with her signature kurta and ajrak. Meesha Shafi, who amazes us with the ease with which she carries herself and her statement outfits, taps into her inner rock star. She has a very kitsch sense of style, apparent in the Rohit Bal outfit and choice of jewelry in Coke Studio. But what about Pakistan’s music industry at large? Do we see a distinct sense of style when we think of the Noori boys, Strings, QB, Zeb Bangash or even Atif Aslam? So we set out to survey a few of our musicians and what seems to be their fashion identity.


Ali Noor

Ali Noor

Signature Style: ‘I-don’t-care’

The only style statement we’ve seen Ali Noor carry is his sparkling smile! When asked to comment on his fashion identity, Ali told us he can’t preach what he doesn’t practice and that he doesn’t pay attention to fashion. However, it would be unfair to say that Ali Noor doesn’t have a signature style; the grungy I-don’t-care look is precisely what Ali has been carrying since the beginning.

His idea of formal also seems to be pairing his jeans with a blazer and pulling back his hair in a half ponytail, as seen at the launch of Cornetto Pop Rock. After all, being a rock star probably means you get to break some rules, even if it means accepting an award in a t-shirt and jeans at the LSAs!




Umair JaswalUmair Jaswal

Signature Style: rock star
Umair has traded his rough longhaired and bearded look for a more trimmed style these days. It’s safe to say Umair is up for experimenting with different looks, from fitted t-shirts that enhance his buffed up body, plus high-top sneakers, to a crisp black kurta and waistcoat at his press events, he has us impressed with his well-groomed style.

While speaking to SH, Umair told us of his preference for the rugged look, and his leather jacket and boots collection that he claims get better as they get older! Umair is rarely seen in any of his Coke Studio episodes without at least a few funky leather or beaded bracelets on his wrist, and when asked about those, he said he loves how they add to a style statement and complete a look. Kudos to Umair for being one of the few putting in an original effort in his look!



Adil Omar543894_10150681663991445_6184226444_9262921_756870672_n

Signature Style: raging rapper

One of the very few Pakistani rappers, and one half of the SNKM duo, Adil Omar’s style happens to be just as unique as his genre of music! He awed us with a funky orange tribal print shirt at the LSAs, with that plus his cool tattooed arm; Adil knows how to make a statement when it comes to fashion and he’s quite consistent with his choices.







Quratulain Baloch

Signature Style: none, really

QB’s shaddi-esque outfit at the LSAs raised a lot of question marks on her trademark style or whether she even had one; the same goes for the black embellished kameez she wore at Red Bull’s Sound Clash in Dubai. We’re all for supporting our culture, but a rock concert doesn’t seem to be the right place for formal shaadi outfits!

Even though she previously sported a killer haircut to go with her killer voice, QB’s style seems to lack thereof, be it an award function or other appearances. We would recommend she tap into the goddess that she is when it comes to her voice and channel it effectively through her personal style.




Zeb-Bangash-Zeb Bangash

Signature Style: traditional

Recently seen wearing a classic outfit by The Pink Tree Company in the latest Coke Studio episode, the dress itself is lovely but seems to be an unflattering silhouette for Zeb, same goes for her Generation ensemble at the LSAs. She’s obviously choosing traditional and classic looks and is working with local brands but her looks could be more impactful and less ‘by the way’.

Zeb has one of the most gentlest, melodious voices in Pakistan and her dress sense should ideally reflect that harmony.





Zoe-Viccaji Zoe Viccaji

Signature Style: pop artist

Previous brand ambassador for Sana Safinaz and face of The Working Woman’s collaboration with Adnan Pardesy, amongst other campaigns, Zoe Viccaji’s style is sleek and effortless. She manages to dress according to the occasion perfectly, so her casual get up in her latest song is very apt and goes well with the setting. This star has even managed to pull off a sari with ease while performing on stage!

Be it public appearances or performances, Zoe is dressed to impress like the pop star she is and rarely fails to show her charming persona through her attire.






Meesha Shafi

Signature Style: rock chic

This model turned rock star rarely fails to leave us awestruck, but then not everyone can carry a red-hot pixie cut with the ease with which she did, and neither can everyone think of pairing a formal Nida Azwer attire with an H&M coat! Meesha has Gucci, Anya Hindmarch, Rohit Bal, Ali Xeeshan, Muse and several more high end labels on her list of favourites and she rarely lets any one of them down.

Meesha is often seen experimenting with quirky accessories, like her knee-high sneakers and Yaz Bukey shades! So, be it her printed Rang Ja gharara on Eid, or her Kurt Geiger spiked boots, this one is a proudly fashion forward when it comes to style!



PS: Many musicians feel that fashion isn’t their brand and they need not indulge in it but here’s our take: fashion may not be your brand but every individual’s personal style just amplifies his/her persona. Good, bad or downright ugly and offensive, style statement zaroori hai.



Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.