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4 Feb

Nadia Khan sparks controversy with distasteful introduction of Meera on new show

Nadia Khan

In 2015 when Pakistani actress turned host Nadia Khan hosted The Nadia Khan Show, it frequently grabbed the attention of netizens for controversial reasons. Now, Nadia is hosting a game show on a private television channel and has sparked controversy yet again.

Having hosted several TV shows, Nadia has been termed a pioneer for starting the trend of morning shows, however, her’s was based on a completely different format than the ones on our screens now. One episode from her 2015 show sparked controversy as she accused veteran Lollywood actress Meera of not only threatening but also physically hurting her team.

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Now, for Nadia’s new TV game show Cororon Ka Khel the duo got back together for an episode. However, Nadia’s introduction for inviting Meera on set was extremely problematic. “In 2015, a ‘personality’ came on my show and whatever transpired after that, I said assertively that I will not invite her on my show ever again. However, we met at a gathering two years later and she was extremely cordial with me.”

She furthered that though she was highly sceptical of inviting Meera on her show, she still went ahead with her decision.
“Meera is highly unpredictable; she can do whatever and say whatever she wants so, I’m really looking forward to this guest.”

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The ill-sounding introduction disappointed Meera as well as she immediately commented on it, expressing that she had hoped for a lighter and friendlier introduction. She also clarified that her statements were not ‘unpredictable’ while trying to bring the conversation to focussing on her work.

While the veteran actress is often in the news for her quirky statements, she is, nonetheless, an icon and represents Pakistan on many forums. To invite her to a show to cash in on views and laugh at her expense is not only disrespectful but also unpleasant to watch and hear. As part of the media, we should uplift our veteran actors rather than mock them or cash in on their weaknesses.



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