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31 Aug

Neuplex and the Sea of Monsters


Neuplex opened with a premiere on Thursday and once again, thanks to it being a workday, I did not/could not go. The only thing I’ll disrupt a work/school night is a solid fashion show or of course, fashion week! Anyway, eager to check out the new place, I took the kids for Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters this evening.

The cinema, is located way out in Phase 8, DHA. For the DHA population it’s a pleasure but for the rest of us - living in Clifton and beyond – it’s quite a drive which we formerly undertook only for Itwar Bazar or Kolachi.

The Cinema is quite impressive once you get there. Visually the 3D experience looked better as I think the screen is bigger and more advanced. The aisles and steps, however, were not too comfortable and neither was the chilling temperature. Be warned: take a shawl or jacket as you will freeze! Overall the cinema experience offered a clean, multiplex environment. But do expect to pay 50 rupees more for everything (tickets, popcorn, nachos, hot dogs).

My verdict: I’m delighted that there are more screens in town (Neuplex has four) as it will only be good for the film industry. That said, It probably won’t be my first choice (which is Atrium) unless a movie I have to watch is playing at a more convenient time at Neuplex.


Now a word on Percy Jackson. Not exactly the most enthralling story, PJ and the SOM, does offer a range of demigods to amuse yourself over if you’re sick of the usual mutants. Teeny in its approach (that too more 13 than 18) it is a simple, uncomplex story of how the son of Poseidon sets out on a mission to save his Camp and fulfil his destiny. There are enjoyable moments, like the bull fight, the sea horse and the Cyclop’s bill however the title is misleading as Sea Monsters are minimal. Predictable: yes. Worth watching: also yes, especially if your kids are fans of the books. Mine thought the books were better though.

This very busy Saturday  started at Farid’s, which may take getting used to but is addictive on so many different levels. It is delight to shop there…until you finally get to the cash counter and realize you’ve spent a couple of thousand more than you intended to. Beware shoppers, Farid’s should come with a warning!

And then afternoons at Rukaiya’s salon are always delightful because you bump into so many people you know and like. So, not only do you get the best blow dry in town (Bina) but you get to chill out with friends. I’ll leave you with a pictre of Amin Gulgee, who was getting a pedicure and much needed foot massage after two months of globe trotting!

Amin Gulgee




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