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30 May

Next generation will remake Baaji, says Meera


Saqib’s Malik upcoming directorial venture Baaji has got all of us excited for too many reasons. The primary reason definitely being superstar Meera’s comeback; but the film also boasts an ensemble cast with Amna Ilyas, Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ali Kazmi, Nayyar Ejaz and many other notable actors on board.

Something Haute got a chance to catch up with the ladies in the cast – Meera and Amna Ilyas – both of whom were super-excited for Baaji’s release. Meera, who has worked with veteran directors of the film industry, was all praises for Saqib Malik’s vision for the film.

“Saqib Malik is one of the few directors in Pakistan who understands cinema. He is focused on his work and doesn’t get distracted at all. I believe that Baaji is going to be a film that I will be remembered for,” Meera said adding that she thinks the next generation will remake this movie.

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Baaji is said to be a drama-cum-thriller set against the backdrop of a fading Lollywood and emerging new order of Pakistani cinema. It’s the story of how a superstar fades away in the world of glitz and glam making way for another star to emerge. Amna Ilyas is playing this budding talent in the film and the actress expressed admiration for her co-star, Meera

“It was an amazing experience working with Meera jee. I was nervous and intimated in the beginning because there’s no denying the fact that she is an accomplished actress. I was wary if I would be able to keep up with her, however, we established a great camaraderie during the shoot,” Amna said.




Meera on the other hand expressed that she wanted Amna to shine in every scene. “We had the most number of scenes together and I wanted her to act her best in all of them,” Meera added.

While Meera has played the diva (Shameera) to a tee, Amna thinks that her character – Neha – is someone who will be most relatable to the audience especially women. “Neha belongs to the working class but aspires to achieve little things in life. She works at a salon where she meets this huge superstar (Meera) and from there her journey starts. Baaji shows the reality of life as how we have certain dreams and sometimes these dreams are shattered and then how we pick up ourselves and start the journey again,” she added.

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Meera also mentioned that Osman Khalid Butt and Ali Kazmi are phenomenal actors and she thoroughly enjoyed working with them. “They are extremely talented and dedicated actors and I established strong chemistry with both of them,” she said.

Both the actresses think that Baaji is a complete package which is one of a kind; full of suspense, drama and romance. “After watching Baaji, you’ll feel as if you’ve read a comprehensive book,” Meera added.

While the trailer of the film is coming out today (Thursday), Baaji is slated to release on June 28.


Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.

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