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20 Jul

Pepsi BOTB: Auj, Black Hour and Uraan were the highlights of episode 4


The fourth episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 4 continued the first round with the remaining six bands who took center stage to perform in three one-on-one battles. This week’s episode shortlisted eight finalists who will proceed to the next round to compete against each other for the title.


Auj vs Jhoot



The musical battle in episode 4 kicked off with the first performance by Auj. A favourite of all four judges, the band sang their original O Jaana which had strong lyrics and composition. Jhoot was next in line to compete with Auj. The band performed on their song Sona Chandi which the judges thought lacked in many departments. Faisal Kapadia remarked that he sees Auj in the top two finalists and Meesha announced that Jhoot were in the danger zone.

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Marjaan vs Black Hour




The next musical face off was between Marjaan and Black Hour. Marjaan came up with a soft and romantic number, Rang Jaa. The soulful ballad was powered with beautiful vocals of Wajid. Rang Jaa gave strong vibes of a filmi soundtrack, straight out of a romantic film. In response, Black Hour talked about hope in their tune Aik Nayi Subh. The song, as corroborated by Meesha, had a very concert sound and the lead vocalist powerful vocals supported it thoroughly. Fawad spoke our heart when he told Wajid that Rang Jaa can easily become a super-hit track for any film. This was indeed a tough spot for the viewers as well as the judges as both the bands have unique sounds. The verdict went into Black Hour’s favour in the end.


Seismic Tremors vs Uraan




The battle between Seismic Tremors and Uraan was next on charts. Seismic Tremors fused narration and rap alongside beautiful vocals in their track, Dil Ki Baat. When you have Fawad in the judges who has been part of Entity Paradigm that is famous for strong raps in its songs and then Meesha and Strings who have narrated powerful tales in their tunes, it takes guts to attempt such fusion. Seismic Tremors did the deed with ease and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Uraan performed their original soft pop track Gol, crooning about life and its uncertainties. It was a simple composition which may look safe to many but the band’s attempt was praised by Faisal. The judges liked that Uraan played on its strengths and improved their vocals. Surprisingly, Seismic Tremors were showered with mixed opinions as their rap song didn’t offer anything fresh to the judges. Nonetheless, the band is a crowd-puller and knows how to perform on stage. Uraan won this last battle, making it to the top eight bands.



Episode 4 wrapped up with Auj, Black Hour and Uraan as finalists, but the journey didn’t end for Marjaan as well. The band was saved from elimination later. Auj was also awarded ‘Performer of the Day’ and they won a guitar signed by all four judges. The eight bands who will battle it out in the upcoming episodes are E-Sharp, Neon, Aarish, The Starzone, Auj, Uraan, Black Hour and Marjaan.

The stage is set and now we are looking forward to performances which are not only melodious, harmonized and technically sound, but also have the X factor to be capture the limelight as a band. Watch Pepsi Battle of the Bands every Saturday to find out who will win music’s biggest show!

Enjoy the fourth episode here:




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