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12 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day One

The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week took off on Thursday, with five strong names and one Rising Talent Show that offered a glimpse at what fashion students were up to these days. One thing was certain, even before the day took off, and that’s the size and scale of fashion week, which the council has managed to build into a formidable force. The strength of any fashion week, however, is always its content and here’s a recap of what Day One offered in terms of collections, innovation and design…


Sana Safinaz

Collection: Suger Rush

Sana Safinaz


This was my favourite look from Sana Safinaz’s Sugar Rush. Yes to the choice of white, the crystal pastels and the summery florals but not a whole hearted yes to their take on sports luxe. There were hits and misses in the usually flawless Sana Safinaz show. That said, I know this collection will translate so well to retail!


Feeha Jamshed

Collection: Bob Squad

Feeha Jamshed



Feeha Jamshed was one of my two favourite collections of the day. Youthful and peppy, FeeJay made a statement by defying the long hair and fair skin stereotype and strong statements is what fashion needs more than pretty clothes. Loved the Bob Squad! The best thing is that now, with her retail store in Karachi, we have the reassurance that these clothes will be available in stores soon.



Collection: #LastNight



Muse loves to play with proportion and this was their take on sports luxe. Again, some hits and misses though the menswear, impeccable, would make for great womenswear.

Sublime by Sara

Collection: Exhale

Sublime by Sara

The most sophisticated and chic collection of the day came from Sara Shahid, who effortlessly put out capsules of solid palettes done flawlessly. My favourite: the mints and blushes. It’s not easy to work with solids, that too without the safety of black or white but this is something Sara does so well. Her silhouettes were well constructed and diverse. Showing after some time, she reminded us of what we had missed!

Bank Alfalah Rising Talent

Hira Ali

Bank Alfalah really needs to up the game and improvise because these capsules are getting monotonous. I’ve always said this is a great idea but I’d love to meet these designers individually and hear their thoughts and vision and see portfolios before deciding which one is best. Perhaps Bank Alfalah should start hosting a small press con or press meet in their lounge. Anyway, amongst the four designers that show, Hira Ali gets my vote as the Best Designer in the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent showcase. Her sporty vibe was spot on, clean and contemporary.

Post script: I have noticed that designer egos have become more fragile than ever, with each and every designer – good or bad – becoming intolerant to criticism, no matter how constructive it is. So this year I decided to simply not mention collections that were completely off mark. I understand that the council is obliged to allow senior designers important slots but when these designers continue to show inconsistent and uninspiring collections, year after year, then their admission should be revised. It is a matter of strengthening the line up.


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