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28 Apr

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day Two

The day started with a very insightful lunch hosted by the PFDC Council for the foreign media, fashion consultants and the buyers. It threw light on many of the activities and much of the business that the council is managing to activate for the benefit of the designers. But more on that later. Day 2 at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was not as impressive as the first.

Shehla Chatoor's luxury pret

Shehla Chatoor’s luxury pret

Showing for the first time in Lahore, Shehla Chatoor took the risk of showing a luxurious western collection as opposed to the bridal couture that she is popular here for. But the combination of  Romanesque prints with high end silhouettes, the gold and leather detailing was unapologetically rich, luxe and sexy. The most impressive collection of the day.

Somol Halepoto

Somal Halepoto

Somal Halepoto made a promising debut last year but why she departed from her commitment to ethnicity is anyone’s guess. This was a confused collection, which save for some interesting collars, fell flat. It’s important for young designers to stick to what they do best, and in Somal’s case, that would be simpler easter wear.

Ayesha F Hashwani

Ayesha F Hashwani

There were some interesting pieces in the collection, but over all Ayesha F Hashwani has shown better collections. The rich, high society vibe lacked cohesion and while it was luxurious in places it lacked  design direction or finesse and fell flat in most.

Nickie Nina

Nickie Nina

The ethnic elements in their collection were interesting but then the urge to do western became the Fatal Flaw in this Nickie Nina showing, which subsequently failed to impress. Designers should show what they have a market for and while designers like Sana Safinaz and Shehla Chatoor are intrinsically western (while playing the eastern luxury card equally well), Nickie Nina are not.

Feeha Jamshed

Feeha Jamshed

Feeha Jamshed took black and white out of its comfort zone, redefining a chequered and striped look for Spring/Summer 2013. This was a more risque look than what Feeha has ever designed (she has always made it a point to stay awami in the most contemporary way) and I feel she’s preparing for new horizons. Scoring a nomination for the prestigious Woolmark Prize would do that to anyone.

Yahsir Waheed

Yahsir Waheed

‘Eye’ No Corrida: If I ever wanted to see another rendition of truck art, it was this. What a fresh take on the motifs of rustic iconography and how well executed was this collection that stayed loyal to desi charms. Yahsir Waheed is one of those silent crusaders who have been influencing young minds of students he teaches at PIFD. He’s someone who most certainly deserves respect.

Note: Asifa Nabeel and Fahad Hussayn shows started post 11:00pm so, committing to my self-imposed principle, I will not review them. Which is a pity because I had some good things to say.


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