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27 Mar

Quarantine Wonders: Danyal Zafar makes ‘Udh Chaliye’ in one day

Danyal Zafar

Songwriting and composing is a delicate business and more so a time-consuming process. But sometimes, in moments of serendipity, it is done in just a matter of minutes. Danyal Zafar released a song — Udh Chaliye — yesterday which he has claimed that he conceived, wrote, composed, sang, recorded and shot in just 24 hours with the help of his fans. Kudos!

The singer took to Instagram and wrote that this has happened first time in his life that he worked on an idea and executed it in one day.

“Quarantine day 8 – this has never happened before. I’ve never conceived an idea, and executed it WITH a music video in just ONE day. I honestly don’t know how it happened. All I know is I just kept doing whatever I felt like. Sometimes that’s all you gotta do,” he wrote.



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Day 6 – Make a song with me from SCRATCH in ONE day 🙃👀🤞🏼(Head to my story for live updates)

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Much like his brother Ali Zafar who had asked his fans to make dance videos for his PSL 5 song and later successfully added them in his video, Danyal also invited his followers to contribute by sending him their videos while they are stuck at home in a lockdown. He loved the experience of sharing the process of making music with his fans.

“But how this has turned out to be such a beautiful experience is because for the first time I involved all of you FULLY and shared the entire process with you guys. We worked on it together. From the idea, to lyrics, to the beat, to this video. Man. I did not do this by myself. WE did it. Together,” he posted.



“So much love. Thousands of messages. Hundreds of videos. It doesn’t seem like this all happened in just a day, it feels like I’ve been in this with you guys since a long time. That’s how much I was in the moment. That’s how slow time was going. In a beautiful way. I’m at a loss of words with the response. I love you all of you. With all of my heart. You all have now inspired me on another level,” he added.

The song has Punjabi, Urdu and English lyrics and incorporates fan videos and artwork as well as Danny Zee in his house. It’s a soothing melody that will help you put your nerves at rest in these testing times.

Watch the video of Udh Chaliye here:




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