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22 Jan

Rabia Butt shares details about her role in Pehli Si Mubabbat

Model turned actor Rabia Butt has slowly but steadily stepped into the television industry and proven that she’s here to stay. Her upcoming drama Pehli Si Muhabbat alongside Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar is one of the most highly anticipated dramas of 2021.

Talking about the project in an exclusive conservation, Rabia shared what the drama is about:

“More or less, every story is about love. Thank God they are not about hatred,” Rabia said, adding that there’s already enough hate in the society. However, when she was reading the script for Pehli Si Muhabbat, she did not even realize that it was a ‘love script’.

“The threading of the plot and characters is beautifully done,” she said adding that it’s fantastic how the teasers and OST do not entirely give away the whole story. “There’s so much more to the story than what is shown to you.”




Rabia who plays the role of a stepmother (Nargis) in the drama reveals that this story is very close to reality. “It’s not just a love story. It’s about real people and real problems in life. It highlights how life can be unfair when people are caught between matters of the heart, ego, reputation and spoken word.”

The actor said that there are a lot of complex matters being addressed through this narrative. “Life is all about choices and those choices are not easy or fair to be exact. This drama will highlight a broader definition of love that goes beyond basic boy-girl romance,” she explained.



While Rabia feels excited about this project, she reveals that she was not going to sign the project at first. “I was on a break. I wasn’t even modelling so when Abdullah Seja offered me the drama, I wasn’t exactly going to say yes. He sent me the script and it was so engaging that I kept on reading the episodes and eventually agreed.”

“It was a bit risky for me to play the character of a stepmom to an equally young girl,” she said about playing the role of Nargis. “The character has a lot of depth and probably the best lines in the play. It’s like the writer spoke through this character’s tongue. Whatever message she wanted to give, she gave through Nargis.”

Rabia is positive that the audience will fall in love with Nargis and her lines. “It’s a multidimensional character who values respect the most.”

Speaking of her costars, Rabia said she shares most of her screen space with Maya Ali. She adores Maya and says it was an absolute treat to work with someone so helpful and dedicated as her.

“She isn’t someone who is self-centered and believes in teamwork. If she gives her 100% to a scene where she is in a close shot, she would give her costars’ scenes the same level of dedication. If she was crying in a scene that featured both of us, she would stay in character and continue doing what the scene demanded so I could also emote accordingly.”



She doesn’t have many scenes with Sheheryar, yet she says he was fun to work with and chat while on set.

“I’ve known HSY for a very very long time and I love him. The guy is so passionate that it is admirable!” she said adding that the entire cast is amazing. “Shabbir Jan is an institute in himself,” she said addressing her senior-most co-star.

Starting from Abdullah Seja to the director, cast and every member who made this project possible, Rabia feels she could not have asked for a better team to work with.



“The director has beautifully executed the project and he truly knows the art of showing beauty through his frames. He’s the captain of our ship.”

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As an actor, Rabia wants to take on impactful roles and that is why she is picky about her projects.

“If I only wanted to look pretty, I would have stuck to modelling. But with acting, I want to take on challenging roles and give praiseworthy performances,” she concluded adding that she’s really looking forward to this drama to finally air.

Directed by Anjum Shahzad, Pehli Si Muhabbat will premiere on ARY Digital on 23rd January at 8 pm.


Muna Moini

The author is a Karachi based writer at Something Haute.