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11 Feb

Sajjad Ali makes you long for lost love in romantic ballad ‘Baarish’

Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali just dropped his latest single Baarish and the video is full of surprises!

The love ballad not only introduces Sajjad’s son Khubi Aly, who looks like a mini version of his father and reminds us of Sajjad’s good old days, but also stars veteran actress Reema in it.

With summer just around the corner, monsoon is quite far-fetched but there’s no right time to long for your love interest. The romantic tune will evoke nostalgia because one never forgets first love and what better reminds you of your loved one than a cloudburst.

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Sajjad Ali

Merub and Khubi


The video shows Khubi opposite beautiful Merub; the two play Sajjad Ali and Reema’s younger selves respectively. While Sajjad sings the heart-rending composition in the background, the wistful tune takes us down the memory lane. It’s a tale of two lovers who got separated on a rainy day and has the potential to become a track for heartbreak.

You can watch Baarish here:




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