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28 Oct

Shaan Shahid pens a love song for Pakistan titled ‘Tairay Ishq Dai Char Gaye Rang Watna’


Shaan Shahid has always been vocal about his love for Pakistan and has never shied away from displaying his patriotism. Lately, all of his professional work has also mostly displayed the nationalistic angle.

The actor has now shared a teaser of singer Shafqat Amanat Ali humming a song that Shaan himself penned for Pakistan.

“The love for Pakistan runs in my veins. It mixes in the ink of my pen and spreads in the voice of our legends,” wrote Shaan.

“A love song for the country written by Shaan Shahid and sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali coming soon,” he announced, revealing the song’s title, Tairay Ishq Dai Char Gaye Rang Watna on Twitter.



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Recently, in an interview with Arab News, Shaan who is a vocal supporter of Imran Khan’s government, said the leader should be given more time to prove his potential.

“I am not from PTI or any other political party,” he said in response to the call of early elections. “The race is not yet finished. Give him (Imran Khan) enough time to prove himself.”


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