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30 Apr

Sheheryar Munawar apologises for violating SOPs at a recent event

Sheheryar Munawar

Sheheryar Munawar recently came under fire when picture of him with Sarwat Gilani at her husband, Fahad Mirza’s birthday, went viral on social media. The picture was from a qawwali night that Sheheryar attended along with several other celebrities at a time when the third wave of COVID is taking so many lives in the country.

The actor received a lot of criticism for violating SOPs in this crucial time, especially after he strongly recommended cancellation of exams for the safety of students. When he pointed out the risks of coronavirus, the internet schooled him for attending a party not so long ago. His tweet brought him under scrutiny where social media users questioned him on whether he practices what he preaches.



And one user pointed out this on Twitter:



Sheheryar understood that it was a mistake on his part and he has now issued an public apology on his social media accounts to clarify his stance:

“Last week, I went to wish my neighbour on his birthday on an invitation I had accepted two weeks prior. Not expecting the crowd, I wished him and left within five minutes of being there. In a candid moment, I was asked to take my mask off and pose for a picture,” he wrote.

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He acknowledged that he should have strictly followed the SOPs and not taken his mask off in a gathering.

“Rightly so, I was called out for doing that [taking mask off for a picture] and not following the SOPs. There is no justification for my actions and I stand corrected,” he added.



Sheheryar went on to apologise and thanked his fans for correcting him on time.

“I apologise for my ignorance, lapse in judgment and lack of better sense. A big thank you to my social media family for keeping my moral compass in check. We owe each other as much. Times are tough and we must all follow SOPs outlined by the government. My prayers go out to the families affected.”



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