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20 Jul

A Sonya Battla refresher

This dusky blue and white tunic comes in reverse (below) and a peach/grey palette.

It had been so long since I had visited Sonya Battla’s flagship store; surprising since she is my absolutely favourite fashion designer in Pakistan and I have been a regular for almost a decade. Something compelled me to go back today and thank God for that.

The short top and the bird bodice

 The new range is out and not only does it have the trademark Sonya Battla minimalism, but the range in cotton is under 10,000 and therefore ever more covetable. I think Sonya’s prices scared me away last year but despite everything I heard, they have not elevated astronomically and honestly are quite competitive with every other label out there. I got two tunics – the short top in blue and the bird bodice (seen left) – immediately. One costs 8-something and the other 11-something and that is by no means cheap but it is very competitive with every other designer label. I can vouch that trash is being sold under the pretense of fashion for much more.

If you’re looking for more inspiring visuals of the Sonya Battla Eid 2012 range then visit her official Facebook page or simpler, visit the store on Zamzama and walk out broke. Enter at your own risk!

Five reasons why I think Sonya Battla – no matter how low profile she choses to be – is Pakistan’s best designer: 

1. She has a sincere commitment to fashion and design and her St Martin’s training (not that everyone who walks out with a degree is as brilliant) has honed her sensibility. I’ll die the day I see her making long, paneled, patti shirts or design those stretchy jersidaars that everyone loves these days. Sonya is my yardstick for good taste. She has never gone wrong.

2. Most designers know where to start but not many know where or when to stop. Sonya won’t put in an extra paisley just to spike the price of an outfit. Hers is restrained elegance.

3. She’ll only use the best fabrics, especially in silk and chiffon formals.

 4. She’s a perfectionist, which means you have to approve a swatch if a fabric has been dyed on order and you have to come in for a fitting before a customized outfit is approved for delivery. This doesn’t apply to ready to wear, which is good to go. And since she approves every garment coming into the shop, you can’t go wrong.

5. Sonya thinks and so her designs have an almost intellectual quality. Moreover, her silhouettes are flattering, evolving and trend-setting. There, that should be enough to convince anyone of her talents. Ladies looking for three-piece lacy, frilly joras, naturally, will not get what the big deal is about.

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