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27 Jun

The new music sensational…Eye to Eye

Today, I’m hooked to Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye. I mean, how could God give one man so much: his looks, talent, vocals and hell, those mesmerizing eyes just leave you speechless. It’s just as well that he doesn’t need or want a woman (as he obviously is happy with himself) because what woman could resist those spectrum eyes? I just feel bad for women in general and for Michael Bolton who probably wishes he had sung this while he was wasting time on ‘How Am I Supposed to Live Without You’. And shame on Ahmed Jehanzeb (‘Kaho Ek Din’ fame) who had Taher Shah’s looks (almost) but not his charisma.


Taher Shah is a mystery. I mean, how did one man emerge from nothingness (like a phoenix) and rise to fame with this hit single? But I would urge Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar, Rohail Hyatt and even Shoaib Mansoor to take him seriously because this singing sensation from Sindh is a singer, lyricist, writer, model, actor, producer and director. I would also issue a fair warning to GEO TV, as Taher Shah’s aim in life is to start his own TV channel before making a feature film. And as a businessman with beautiful eyes, he probably can.

Taher Shah, businessman by day and singer, producer, director, model and actor by night.

Taher Shah, businessman by day and singer, producer, director, model and actor by night.

 I would also encourage Frieha Altaf, Khawar Riaz and Nabila to look into his profile as a model because fashion weeks are coming up and God knows we’ve had enough of our current pool of models.

Taher Shah’s shampoo: Toni & Eye

Favourite restaurant: Eyelanto

Favourite films: Eye Hard and the Eye Who Loved Me

Fashion Statement: Levi’s No Eye jeans

Technology: Eye Phone 

Favourite book: Eye, Voyeur

Bye Bye…or should I say Hai Hai!

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