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16 Oct

Fashion Week Wish List

Tapu Javeri sitting on a customized chair in the Casa Hamza VIP Lounge at the very first PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in Lahore. Should have appreciated a good thing while it lasted!

Fashion week is coming up, yet again. And life would be so much more pleasurable if the following ‘perks’ were made available at local fashion weeks, hence making the long working hours a little less stressful…

1. Coffee stations at the venue. How does one stay awake without the required level of nicotine? Tea, coffee, coke and diet coke vital.

2. Snack bars: how about bringing in Espresso kiosks for coffee and quick bites? And charge it if the organizers are going to be too stingy to serve on the house. A Kingfisher Lounge (in India, serving free booze and canapes) is one thing but seriously, no one expects champagne (though many would find it desirable). At the end of a five hour grind even kebab rolls and coke would be welcome!

3. VIP Lounge: do not want to connect with the riff raff. Want to meet designers who are showing and want to meet buyers. Place to meet: VIP lounge. Highly desirable: Casa Hamza lounge or at least an appropriate replacement for Karachi.

Fashion Week foyer, right outside the VIP Lounge.

4. Exhibition space: the need to see clothes up close is greater that the desire to see them look lovely on the runway. Itemized price lists and descriptions would also be helpful.

5. How about a media centre so some poor journalists who have to file their stories at night can do so without rushing home?

6. And wifi? How much does it cost to get the venue hot-spotted? Us Tweeters need to Tweet and if you’re afraid of Mohsin Sayeed then just don’t give him the password! If you let go of your fears and invite him, that is.

7. I, for one, have asked someone to hold my compilation of press kits so I don’t drop or misplace any. It’s a drag to realize you’re missing information when you get home.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure my friends will be able to add to this wish list. I can already think of many of them wanting ten minute smoke breaks after each show…if you can’t give them caffeine then at least don’t put the breaks on the nicotine.

* In absence of everything, even water will be welcome. And designers serving some form of food in their goody bags will score brownie points for hospitality.

* If editors are reading this then a Fashion Week Wardrobe Allowance would be appreciated along with overtime etc etc…


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