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28 Sep

The TDAP Trip

I’ve never had the motivation to attend a TDAP event before, not just because it was always held at the other side of the city at the Expo Centre, but also because the former Director was allegedly/ infamously corrupt (now in jail) and because TDAP infamously put up shoddy WC and mango stalls in their exports exhibition. Let’s just say I had my reasons.

This year the fashion shows, at least, were different and showed promise. I have no idea what and how much the newly appointed Secretary, Rabiya Javeri can change but someone with her background and reputation does suddenly bring class and respect to an event. Which is basically why so many credible labels agreed to show. The line up was promising, much better in fact that the last Fashion Pakistan Week held in Karachi.

Rizwan Beyg, Faiza Samee, Maheen Khan, Tapu Javeri prints designed by Wardha Saleem, Sania Maskatiya, Sana Safinaz, Zaheer Abbas, students of PIFD, Deepak Perwani, FnkAsia by Huma Adnan, Shamaeel, Fahad Hussayn and Ahmad Bham. The only two new names were Farnaz and her daughter Umaima Mustafa and the only name that incited wariness was Ayesha Ibrahim as she had shown at FPW earlier this year. And her collection didn’t merit a part 2.

Ayesha Ibrahim at FPW earlier this year.

Ayesha Ibrahim at FPW.

Ayesha Ibrahim at TDAP this week.

Ayesha Ibrahim at TDAP this week.

Some collections were old, some were mixed but those that were new were most welcome, delightful  barring four collections that were a let down for what we expected to be a perky pret show (Farnaz, Umaima Mustafa, Ayesha Ibrahim and Zaheer Abbas, who was disappointing). The shows started and better, ended at a decent time. They were well attended without a stampede outside or inside for front row seats. And there were enough foreigners to allow the perception of this being a happening trade show.

It would have been ideal if at least the fashion journalists had been given a list of buyers and/or been introduced to them. This was a bit disjointed, with most of us playing a guessing game of who’s who. Not that we knew anyone.

Credit has to be given where credit is due and I have to say that when HSY is behind choreography, you know the show will be interesting and error free. Tehmina Khaled did a prompt job of notifying and bringing the media in on time. Her pre and post event coordination was very timely. Seema Jaffer showed fantastic work with the folders, giveaways and the invites which boasted details from Rizwan Beyg’s Rang collection. The only let down was the hair and makeup of the models, which between glazed blue contact lenses (the Undead), pasty foundation (Whitewalkers) and synthetic hair pieces (a cross between Crows and Wildlings), seemed like a hack job on The Game of Thrones. Oh well, Winter is Coming…

Zaheer Abbas: "I'm scary and I know it"

Zaheer Abbas: “I’m scary and you know it”

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