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28 Jan

Teaser review: Shaan Shahid’s Zarrar appears to be high on action


After a long and tiresome wait, finally the teaser of Shaan Shahid’s Zarrar is here and at least it doesn’t disappoint. However, it again left us wanting for more.

Shaan, who has written and directed the film as well, shared a teaser of his upcoming movie with a promise that it will be out soon. The actor is also playing the lead role in Zarrar.



The 30-second teaser surprises us by introducing veteran actor Nadeem Baig as Major General Mujtaba in a never-seen-before avatar. Dressed in black jacket with aviators and French beard, his appearance was the highlight of this teaser. Shaan was seen carving people up with some knife-action, while we are yet to see a glimpse of Kiran Malik and Nayyar Ejaz who are also part of the project.

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The teaser doesn’t give away much about the plot but we see the words “The color of sacrifice is red” switch to “The color of sacrifice is green’, and then “We are in a state of war, the war you don’t see” appear on screen.



Nadeem Baig & Shaan Shahid in Zarrar


We also heard Nadeem sahib’s voice: “Kehte hein agar aman chahte ho tou jang ki tayari kerlo [they say if you want peace then prepare for a war]” followed by Shaan’s dialogue: “Aur jang sirf hoslay se nahi, hathyaar se larhi jati ha aur apne eik aisa hathyaar tayyar kiya, jo pehle kabhi nahi bana [Wars are not just fought with courage but with arsenal and you build a weapon that was not ever made before]”.

Is it a hint at a super soldier i.e. Shaan or just a highly-trained commando? Well… guess we have to wait till the trailer or perhaps the release to find out. Zarrar is scheduled to release in 2020.


Syeda Zehra

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