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5 Mar

Teasers out: Mawra Hocane is up in arms against harassment & harassers in new drama Sabaat


As of yesterday, we’ve got the first few looks at Mawra Hocane’s upcoming drama Sabaat. She plays Anaya, opposite newcomer Ameer Gilani, as Hassan. The drama is supposed to be a romantic drama with Usman Mukhtar and Sara Khan also featuring in the serial.

In the first teaser, we see Mawra in modest attire, as a university student reciting empowering poetry to a crowd. We also see clips of her distributing anti-harassment flyers and her tearing up a paper of some sort and throwing it on a man in anger. We’re expecting her character to be a strong and opinionated woman.

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The second teaser for the drama shows the story through Hassan’s eyes. Ameer Gilani’s character Hassan appears to be a rich guy who is fascinated by Anaya’s uniqueness. He seems popular among girls but is in love with Mawra’s character. We haven’t seen Usman Mukhtar and Sara Khan make an appearance yet, though.



We’re only expecting great things since along with the incredible cast, the director, Shahzad Kashmiri also has a track record of creating hit serials like Yaqeen Ka Safar and more recently Anaa. 

Meanwhile, you can watch the first two teasers here:




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