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24 Aug

Tere Bin Laden rocks!

What a refreshing shift from all the ribald slapstick comedy that Bollywood is churning out these days. I totally loved the indie take on this film and the fact that it was pertinent without being preachy. Comedy is always preferable over serious cinema (at least to me) and even without the usual song and dance and superstar presence, TBL managed to hold its own. That it has created a star in Ali Zafar is perhaps one of its biggest accomplishments. Too bad the censors flunked it for Pakistan but after seeing the film one can understand why. A troupe of mullahs shaking their booty while ‘Ullu Da Pathha’ plays in the background. Not a chance in hell!

A Pakistani star is (finally) born In Bollywood!

Totally in love with Noora and Sikander. Go figure!

Ali Zafar has so totally found his true calling. Dil maange more!

And for all the critics who hated the film and feel that Pakistan is portrayed in a bad light, get real. One look at what is showed on the nine o clock news and this harmless satire seems all the more harmless. It’s good to be able to laugh at one’s self. Habibi Osama indeed! LOL!

I had been sitting on a pirated DVD of Tere Bin Laden for days, mustering up the incentive to watch it. Reason? I really wanted to love it and feared that I wouldn’t. Phir kya? I think Khusro Mumtaz’s review in Instep gave me the final push and now, I can unabashedly join the fan club too!


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