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11 Mar

Theater adaptation of Ankahi all set to premiere in Karachi


Theater director of KopyKats Productions Dawar Memood, who has previously given us the new and feisty version of Anwar Maqsood’s Anghan Terha, recently announced that Haseena Moin’s much loved drama serial Ankahi is next to hit the stage. Titled Ankahi 2020, the reprised production has been in the works for quite some time and now it is all set to premiere in March.

Dawar Mehmood took to social media and announced that Ankahi 2020 will premiere on March 25 at the Karachi Arts Council. “It is not Ankahi. It is my tribute to Haseen Moin’s Ankahi; 25th March everyone!” he wrote.



Fans rejoiced and some are skeptical because the 80s drama serial is a magnum opus. This is going to be an interesting project as the legendary actors (some of whom are no more) in the original play have given stellar performances and new actors will have very big shoes to fill.

Sajid Hasan and Saqib Sameer have adapted the script for the new musical version which stars Amna Ilyas in the role of its protagonist, Sana Murad, who was originally played by Shehnaz Sheikh.



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According to media reports, Ankahi 2020 has an ensemble cast. However, there are a few changes in the number and nature of its characters as compared to the original drama. Earlier Dawar also shared that the new version is not set in 1982 and has been modified to make it relevant to the year 2020. We can actually feel the contemporary aesthetic in its posters and teaser.



Amna Ilyas & Haseena Moin


Wahab Shah is the choreographer, while Abbas Ali Khan had made its live score given that Ankahi 2020 is a musical. It also features Sohail Hashmi, Waqar Ali, Taha Humayun, Ali Sheikh and Shafqat Khan in the cast.

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